Domaine Senkin - Tochigi


Established in 1806, a 200-year-old brewery Domaine Senkin is located in Sakura city, Tochigi Prefecture. It was built along the old Ōshu Kaidō, one of the five major routes of the Edo period. Shuzo’s Ōya stone building, made of volcanic rock found only in Tochigi, were used by masonry.

Usui Kazumi is the eleventh generation head of Senkin, who is the driving force behind this innovation since taking over in 2003. Today, under the guidance of Usui san, at the relatively young age of 37, he has secured a place as one of the key figures in Japan’s sake renaissance.

Senkin focuses on the concept of domaine to produce sake with a true flavour of Domaine Senkin with use of rice from its own fields and consistently manufactures and bottles in-house. As rice is the life of sake, they only grow rice in their fields nourished by the same water source that is used in their sake brewing. This harmony of rice and water is essential to create a distinctive and delicious flavour of Senkin Sake. Three rice variety used for making Senkin sake are Kamenoo, Omachi and Yamadanishiki grown in Domaine Sakura.

In the pursuit of new generation sake, Senkin decided to develop a new, contemporary style of nihonshu with a fruity, sweet-tart flavour profile comparable to the white wines. With acid as its defining feature, Senkin was able to create sake with body, crispness and palate cleansing properties with a refined texture.

We are excited and honoured to introduce Senkin to our portfolio.

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