Taiheizan - Akita

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The Kodama brewery was founded in 1879 in picturesque Katagami City, Akita Prefecture, northwest of Japan.  Blessed with abundant quality rice and fresh clean mountain water, the generations have nurtured and developed renowned expertise in brewing sake.  

In 1913, Tomokichi Kodama, the second generation of the family business began making sake by the name “TAIHEIZAN”.  This brand name comes from towering mountain in Akita City, Mt. Taihei (“Great Peaceful Mountain”) which for centuries has been the area’s spiritual symbol.  Taiheizan Miyoshi Shrine, in Akita City overlooking Mt. Taihei, is still the most visited Shrine in Akita for New Year worshipping today.

 “Taiheizan” sake achieved its national recognition in 1933 when the Kodama Brewery introduced Japan’s first chilled sake, TAIHEIZAN-REIRO which soon after its release became a big hit.  The following year in 1934, TAIHEIZAN won the First place at the 14th Annual National Sake Competition out of 5169 contestants.  The prize and the popularity of this chilled sake enabled the company to expand its market to Tokyo and to other parts of Japan, making TAIHEIZAN a national brand.

Kimoto Junmai 720ml copy.png

Taiheizan Kimoto Junmai

Brewery: Taiheizan
Region: Akita
Class: Junmai
Alcohol: 15%
Rice: Miyamanishiki
RPR: 59%
Serve: Cold or Warm

Taiheizan Chogetsu Junmai Ginjo 720mL.png

Taiheizan Chogetsu Junmai Ginjo

Brewery: Taiheizan
Region: Akita
Class: Junmai Ginjo
Alcohol: 15%
Rice: Sake Komachi
RPR: 55%
SMV: +1
Serve: Cold